Android Gets the Ability to Manually Back Up Data to Google Drive

Google is launching the ability to initiate the manual backups to the Google drive which does not need Wi-Fi that is usually recommended for the devices that are old. There is not a specified limit for the Android device that is going to receive the feature many sources were able to spot it, especially it was spotted on the Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9.0 handsets.

The old feature for the backup in the smartphone has to be connected to a Wi-Fi network and the device is expected to be in the charging mode. This was the case previously and it became difficult when a handset loses its ability to charge and for most of the times, it was not able to connect to the Wi-Fi. Because of this, the users were not able to back up their data on the Google drive.

To get the access of the feature and to use it the users have to go to the settings and then the backup reset settings. Now you have to visit the Google account. You can see the new back up option. The backup to Google drive option will be enabled and sometimes it will be enabled by default. On the same page, the people using it will be able to see which category of the data or part of which has the active backup option. All the app data, contacts, call history, device settings and videos and photos can be backed up in this feature.

Clearly, a ‘sync now’ option that is available for the other categories which will be under the accounts section. They are available in the settings and the accounts option. You will find Google account there. You can see the calendar, people’s details, Google Play Music, Google plays TV, contacts, Docs, Drives, Gmail, Google data fit and Play Games Cloud Save. You will be able to see the overlapping of the two features.

The rollout of the manual back of the drive Google is first seen by a Twitter user Alex Kruger who showed the 9to5 Google which appears on older devices like the Droid Turbo from the year 2014 which is running on the Android Marshmallow.

To recollect the ‘manual backup to Google Drive’ feature was first talked about previously in August this year through a Google issue tracker request. It was said that the Google Android developer will be implemented in the android released in the future. At the moment Google has rolled out the feature through the updated Google play store. As told we are seeing the feature on the devices v14.3.66 – v14.3.67 which is now running at the moment.

The report of the 9to5 Google observes that manually backing up the data on your android device was already there in the android, it was capable of that beforehand. But the requirement of the command prompt in the androids ADB tool was not comfortable and many users found it difficult to use it.

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