Useful and unique Android apps

Change your mobile into the jack- of- all- trades with the help of these amazing Android apps. Although you are using the android phone you may be oblivious to the existence of some of the useful apps in it. They may contribute to your development. So here are some of the 10 apps that will help to you enjoy and also learn.

1. FireFox Reality Browser
It is a virtual reality web browser that is available in many devices. This browser will allow you to do things like searching in the URL’s and you can browse 2D and 3D matters in the web etc. It is one of the best bowsers that offer information and content from the sites you prefer. This browser gives you good and updated information on all topics.

2. Assistant shortcuts
Do you ever have a wish to remap the assistant button on the mobile? With this app, you will be able to do it. This app is inspired by OnePlus 6T and the users will be able to activate the Google Assistant. You can switch to the app used last time, go back and open the panel of notifications.

3. Hire by Google
Are you searching for some new employees? This app makes this job easier. It is as good and easy as using Gmail. You can make a review of the incoming application and identify the candidates who are deserving and more. The app also contains the tools like Gmail calendar, Google search, Docs.

4. Polo launcher
This is a great launcher that will absolutely change the overall experience with your android. It was developed by the xiaomi. You can change your app icons, modify the home screen functions, and hide the apps.

5. Gweek
Do you want to improve your speech? You can record your self-talking and the app will give you a score out of hundred. It will recommend you the ways to enhance your speech to be more clear and concise. This app is a perfect app for the public speakers as well as people who want to develop their speech.

6. NetFlix
This app is the very best movie streaming app. You will find a huge and massive collection of movies and TV shows. Netflix is always up to date. There are new shows and content added every day. Its performance is as smooth as butter. You can get started with $8 dollars month.

7. SoundCloud
If you are searching for an app that can give you unlimited songs and music videos this is the app for you. You will be able to discover new music and stream it from the cloud.

Are you a person who likes to be always updated on world events? Then this news app has got a lot of excellent and informative news for you. The quality of the information content is really amazing and provided in the clean format.

If you are a fan of sports then you must download this app. See for the cricket, football and other sports scores in this app.

10. Instagram
It is a ubiquitous photography app. It is owned by the star of social media Facebook. It focuses on the representation of all the best and famous photos on social media. Connect with your friends through this app.

These are some of the top apps in the Android mobile which you can enjoy and have a good time.

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