Google’s Call Screen Feature to be seen in the pixel smartphones

The Google call screen is the most impressive extra feature added to the version of pixel 3 and it is going to become the best release this year with the new rollout feature. The call screen that is built in the app of the pixel 3 utilises the Google assistant to take the calls.

It can be triggered by just a tap on the option ‘screen call’ which will be visible whenever a person is calling. The call screen is made active and the Google assistant reports to the caller the purpose of the call.

The users can see the live transcription of what the caller says during the phone call. The quality of the transcription may change from call to call and will depend on it. This will give the users a clear idea about the nature of the call whether it can be answered or not. If it is an important call they will take and if it is a fake call they will know it beforehand. They will be able to block the calls that are spam through this feature.

Another better aspect of this feature is that Google has decided to roll out a brand new option for the call screen for transcription. The transcripts will vanish from the screen once the call is over but with the help of this new feature the call receivers can save and store it and use them in the future for references.

To get hold of these saved transcripts in the phone the users must go to the file called as the ‘Recent’. The call details will be listed there and they can choose the one they want to see. It will be present in the option the ‘call details’. In this location, the users will be able to see the option called as the transcripts.

We saw that that the feature will show the conversation of the Google assistant and the caller but besides these the new feature also contains an option for the users to give a quick feedback about the transcripts. They can choose the thumbs up or down.

The rollout of the feature

The call transcripts are not an unexpected addition as the document that supports it has some details about it. The company Google has already mentioned that the transcripts of call screen will be made known before the ending of the year and it is known that the owners of the pixel are getting the needed access to release this on time.

It is not very clear how the pixel call screen transcripts will be realised widely, however, the owners of the pixel will surely check for the feature. They will check through the ‘screen call options’ where the transcripts can be retrieved.

The major purpose behind the call screen transcripts is to put an end to the users from the calls that waste time. The storing of the transcripts will prove beneficial and will make it simple for the users to refer and be aware in the future for such calls.

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