Nokia 7 plus update android security patch and the new camera app with integrated Google lens

The Nokia 7 plus has got an updated Android pie enhancement that is going to give the new November android security patch. This development is also going to bring the version of camera app 9.0 which will include the new interface, Google lens including the integration of motion.

The HMD Global will use the new update to every Nokia 7 plus models around the world. It is now only being shared by some users. The Nokia 7 plus reportedly got the update for the android 9.0 pie in September.

This update in the Android has the features like modifiable battery function, navigation that is gesture-based, and a mode which you can use when you are busy ‘do not disturb’. This update is going to be rolled out to the handful of users. They can get it from the phone’s updates for the software.

The features of the new update

The newest software updates of Nokia 7 plus will bring the software version of the size 3.39B to 462.8MB, NokiaPowerUser reported this news. The update is only bringing November android security patch. The patch is given for the Nexus and Google pixel at the start of the month which had various matters fixed related to security.

The HMD global has acquired the application of camera version 9.0 which is actually an updated version of the Nokia 7 plus. This recent app was released in the month of August with an interface which is developed and the carousel design of the interface gives it the feature of switching between dual modes while you are observing.

The Google lens integration will let you benefit from Google’s algorithms in machine learning to see the interesting views in your environment. The fresh camera app contains the motion powered by Google that will assist you in making small videos and you can send it to your friends through the GIFs and clips.

The short videos can also be exported for the purpose of using and sharing in the time to come. The camera app is available as a pre-installed app on Nokia 6.1 plus which is great news.
Moreover, the brand new Android security patch and the updated camera app including the changelog shared by the users of Twitter shows that the novel software update contains a long list of the Android pie features.

There is also enhanced system navigation with the settings menu and excellent experience of notifications. This update also is offering the adaptive battery that prioritises the power of the battery in the mobile for the apps and functions that are used frequently. There is also a feature of adaptive and the optimised levels of the brightness and applications that can be predicted easily. This will benefit the users of the Nokia. To check the updates in the Nokia phone go and see for the settings and then the software update option. Here you will be able to see if you have received any updates or not.

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