Apple to tutor women in tech for the aim of industry diversification

In order to solve the issue of less number of women executives in the tech industries, Apple is going to launch a new program. The women entrepreneurs and programmers are going to attend a two-week training program at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.


These lessons will be conducted once every three months starting in January. For each session, Apple has planned to accept twenty app makers developed by women. The app creator is expected to be one female programmer in the categories to get selected.



Apple itself will take care of all the expenses incurred during the travel for the three persons belonging to each of the companies. In doing this Apple like the other tech companies are reducing its number of men workers in programming jobs with the high payment. Previously, in apple, only 3 per cent of the women were doing the technology jobs. That was only a little development from 20 per cent in the year 2014.

Therefore the aim behind this new idea is to help the interested women keep themselves immersed in the field they are working. This was shared by Esther Hare the senior director of world marketing developer.

According to Lorrain Hariton CEO of the catalyst this camp for tutoring women is a ‘Great step forward’. She belongs to the group who struggle for the equal rights for women. She says that there are a lot of talented women who can do well in the field of technology. She is hopeful that this will ‘change the tone for the entire industry’.

The new idea to increase women workforce

It is unclear how effective this new idea will be. Google has also provided the needed coaching for the girls aiming for the jobs in technology, however, that program has not improved the diversification of the workforce. Women were offered 25 per cent of Google’s technology works in the year 2017.

Apple and other tech giants say that one of the reasons for not having many women in their companies is because women are traditionally not trained in the areas of mathematics and science which are important for the programs.


To handle the jobs in these tech giants one needs to be proficient in all the areas then only they will be able to benefit the company they are working for. But the critics of the industries have questioned the company’s motives of being partial to men and discriminating against the women.

The industries are mostly dominated by men and this has been the case for many decades, therefore, this initiative of Apple is expected to increase the women employees in the same payroll jobs as men.

This will result to diversify the industry. This initiative of Apple is going to be started next year and the training sessions will begin immediately.

Apple has not revealed about the expenses it is going to spend on this project. Though including the travel expenses the company is said to get the help of its employees to manage the sessions.

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