The apple music on the Amazon echo speakers starting from December 17

In a bewildering partnership, Apple and Amazon have proclaimed that the Apple music will be made available on the speakers of amazon echo from the week of December 17. This is an interesting development for the users of Apple music as well as the smart echo speakers.

The apple is very specific on using the services of the other products which are quite similar to the company’s products. In this case, the Apple has already got the home pod which can be used to play music. It is a good competition for the echo speakers.

However, the company has still made a decision for the apple music to be released on the Amazon echo speakers through Alexa. It is a smart assistant which is used to power the echo devices. Therefore Apple music on the Amazon echo speaker is a great thing indeed.
The apple music on the Amazon speaker will be available as the Alexa skill. To be clearer, the apple music will be on the echo speakers.

It will not be like the Airplay which is actually the Apple’s protocol for streaming and using the devices by Wi-Fi. The people can use Bluetooth for Android and iPhone with which they can play music on the speaker with the assistance of Apple music.

The most important aspect of the Alexa is music which is its major feature. With the launch of Alexa four years ago, the users are listening to more music in the comfort of their homes with its help. The listening of music has increased.

These thoughts were shared by Dave Limp the senior vice president of Amazon. The company is committed to providing great music to the customers and after its launch the music skill API to the creators in the previous month they have broadened the selection of music on Alexa to add a few great services.

The company is happy to bring the Apple music which is considered one of the popular music services in the United States. It is going to be opened this holiday.

The apple music and amazon echo speaker in India- A future prospect

At the moment the combination of Apple music with the Amazon echo speakers will be only made available in the US but it is anticipated that it will be rolled out in the other places. In India, both the apple music and the echo speakers are already available however this venture is not yet made available.

In the future, if this arrives in India it will be of benefit to many users of apple music and amazon echo speakers because of the fact that home pod is unavailable here.

In India, there are many other music apps on the echo speakers. For instance, Saavn is a very famous music app that mostly consists of Bollywood songs. These songs are also available on Apple music and echo speakers. The Apple music is also present in the Google home speakers which can be used in the android phones paired with Bluetooth.

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