The kingdom hearts 3 dates of release and trailers

Almost twelve years before the kingdom of hearts was released but the craze for the game among the players is not diminished. Through these years the new console generations have come and many spinoffs too but nobody can forget the original storyline of the kingdom of hearts. The highly expected kingdom of hearts 3 is not said to be released and this official information has come from Enix.

After that, however, the Enix had been silent, not revealing any details about it. Then at the E3 2014, there was a teaser and in it, some fabulous details were there along with more news and a trailer of the gameplay E3 2015.

In the E3 2018, many interesting details were made open that displayed the Disney character sora, goofy and Donald. Here are some of the details about this remarkable game.

The kingdom hearts 3 appealing details

The up- to- the- minute details of the kingdom of hearts shows the character Sora and her companions coming back to the hundred acre wood to support Winnie the Pooh. This trailer came in xo2018.

Many of the characters in Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, and Wreck-It Ralph are said to come in the game. The second trailer of the game came in JumpFesta 2016. The trailer showed the important details about the functioning of the game’s combat. There was a small foretaste of the superb abilities and the impression of the environment in the game.

There was the other trailer which came in E3 2015. This was to give the fans a glimpse at the location which seems like the exterior of princess Rapunzel’s fortification from the ‘Tangled’ fame. The Enix settled that the king of hearts lll will be launched on January 29 2019.

The amazing features of the kingdom of hearts 3

The Twitter YonkouProductions revealed the screenshot of the coming V-jump that displayed the characters in the Hercules. The players will be able to see Hercules and the mount Olympus. This is available in the new version of the kingdom of hearts. The released screenshot presented the characters Hades, Pegasus, Meg on an adventurous journey.

The game will also have a fascinating feature where the gamers can take the character of sora and will be able to travel with his friends Goofy and Donald through various mesmerising themes and intriguing people.

They can meet famous Disney characters and other fantastical characters. The game will start after the end of the previous version kingdom of hearts 3D which was called dream drop distance. The dream will go along with the trio in their quest for the seven guardians of the light. The king Mickey and Riku will be on their journey to find the keyblade wielders.

There are still many things to tell about the game however you can find about it in the trailers released. The kingdom of hearts 3 has attractive visuals and style quite different from the previous game. On the whole, it will be a great treat to the fans.

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