The new “close friends” feature has been launched by Instagram.

In 2017, the Instagram developers announced a unique feature called the favourites list. This feature made the social platform private to an extent. This feature was an attempt by the developers to help users to share more posts with their selected followers and close friends.

This feature also leads to private account options where a user can choose the people they want to follow. It was a great tool for the users to share all that they want with a limited number of people. This privacy options opened more doors to enhance even more privacy features.

The Facebooks Instagram has launched a whole new feature. Many users of the Instagram app are very aware of the new features the app has been introducing. This feature is also claimed to be unique. The feature is known as dubbed “close friends”. This feature allows users to share their stories with only the special group of persons.

Even though Instagram is a social media app where users post stories for many followers but now you can select a group of persons and share stories exclusively with your close friends. This feature enables the user to share their stories with a smaller group of users.

If you want to try out this new feature you can find it on in the side menu of user’s profile. Instagram has millions of users all over the world. This feature can also be used by more than one billion people.

The methods to use the “close friends” feature.

If you have close friends who you follow on Instagram their group stories can be viewed by all the members of that particular group. The stories can be seen in the profile photo part of that person. A green colour ring near the profile photo signifies that a story has been posted.


This procedure for watching the exclusive stories of your close friends is similar to viewing normal stories posted. One of the most profitable social media platforms of Facebook is the Instagram app. The Facebook team is been focusing on this popular app to make it even more fun for its users.

To retain its huge popularity the regulators are improving this platform. Unlike, facebook the Instagram app provides more individual privacy for its users and many of the users like this element in this platform so the developers are pushing even greater security features into this app.

With greater security of Instagram app two main elements is implemented there is less speculation of fake news and combat addiction of social media. Some of the great features have been launched by the Instagram app because it has appointed Adam Mosseri as the photo-sharing apps head. Following this appointment of this were the co-founders Kevin system and Mike Krieger.

Due to the incredible new features of the Instagram app other social media applications have been facing severe competition. The rival snap inc the owner of snap chat faces fierce competition from the Instagram app.

Due to this stiff competition, the snapchat developers are finding ways to lure more users to their app. There is also a huge two fifty dollar investment which has been bagged by snapchat with the prince of Saudi Arabia. The app has now been shifted towards the self-serve model for promotions.

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