The unveil of the new icons by Microsoft

Microsoft has refreshed its office icons on all its areas. The latest design was made some weeks before with the release of fresh icons. The company Microsoft is getting the new icons for the modern generation users that contain the design which is going to focus on real-time and collaboration.


The icons are expected to be perfect, seamless, and fluid and above par in the way which can only be created by expert designers. It collaborates into an AI-powered suite with a very simple and also a modern design.

The Microsoft team has revealed some details about the new icons. These icons are the best example of evolving through time. These new icons are going to enter the web in the coming year. This is not a change in the function of any icons but rather a modification in the look of the icons.

To be more specific the icons of the Microsoft office are Meh which means that though it is latest it is indifferent. Microsoft had done a lot of effort to make these icons. Many consultants, armchair designers, brand managers and real designers worked together to make this work. The Microsoft was updated lastly at 2013.


The Microsoft’s history that is rich is embraced and used to reveal design decisions. The vibrant colours have been the core and the statement of the official brand. The brand new and fresh icons of the palette are evolving.

The colour is distinguished and makes an impression. For some of the icons, the shades are stronger, darker and brighter. This is a nod to the change in the office as reported by Microsoft.
In a clip released by Microsoft, it is noticeable that Windows 10 apps like the photos and file explorer have known to contain new icons.


The official announcement of this news by Microsoft for the Windows 10 has not yet come. From the mock app photos, it is seen that the giant of software is going to consider the new icons for most of its first-party apps that includes the calculator and photo.

The design of the icons

There are screenshots of the Microsoft office in which we can see new apps expected in the mock-up is absolutely a good change however it is not explained if the icons will be combined with spring 2019 update or not.

To give a description of icons, they are anticipated to have been redesigned in a rectangle shape to reflect the spreadsheets. The PowerPoint is going to get a circular shape of the pie chart. The outlook will look like a mail envelope as the icon as reported by the Engadget.

The icons are available in fabulous shades and they are more enhanced than the current icons that are simple which we can see in the windows 10. The users will get to know about this development as soon as it is put in use. It is considered a great addition by the Microsoft office.

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