The best games to play on android

Playing games on the mobile is always fun. Without the games how could we get over the tedious hours of the journeys and waiting? Here are the best android games that come under the top ten lists.

1. Crash-lands

This game was released in the year 2016. The game is among the best in the android. The game is about an intergalactic trucker that crashes on the planet. The player’s job is to find out what actually is going on and at the same time they have to build a base and collect many items. They are the heroes who save the world from the evil doers. The RPG element contains a top character development and many items they could collect.

2. Evoland 1 and 2

It is two of the most famous games in the android. They contain many game mechanics like RPG, puzzle, top-down scooter, trading card etc. They are an ode to the old games. The game offers hardware controller support, no ads features and many stories to play.

3. Madfinder games

This game has a long history of gaming. They have successful FPS titles like the shadow Gun series, dead trigger and the unkilled series. They are the sci-fi shooters which has multiplayer modes. Modern combat is a great multiplayer game, however, the latest is the shadow gun: Legends.

4. Minecraft

It is a popular game and is suitable for all the ages. Minecraft is a game that puts you mine stuff and you can beat up the notorious guys in the game. The creative mode provided you with unlimited everything. You will also be able to play the multiplayer servers. There is a mode called the survival mode where you can get the food and the resources in the mines.

5. Monument Valley 1 and 2

These games are known for their greatness. They have identical play mechanics and graphics. The player can have the adventures journey through the puzzles. They can complete the level with many illusions.

6. Nintendo games

They contain a necessary number of android games. They have the best platforms on mobile games. The game contains the freemium options like fire emblem heroes and animal crossing.

7. Noodlecake studios

They are the most unique game developers. They have many different titles like frame 1 and 3 puzzle games, realMyst, Alto’s adventure etc. There is a game called wayward souls for the adventure lovers, Mikey shorts for platform fans, Island Delta etc.

8. Pokémon Go

This game exploded in the world of mobile gaming and got a popular spot. You can walk and feel the essence of the real world. The game gets many new updates to boot. The updates have added many new Pokémon and many features.

9. PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile life

The game has got over ten million downloads and many user reviews. It has simple but effective controls which everybody likes. The decent graphics add to its advantage. The island of the PUBG world is filled with weapons, gear and vehicles to use.

10. Riptide GP series

This game is possibly the best racer game in the android. The racers lose their credit when they get caught in illegal racing. The Asphalt series is new in the franchise of the game.
These are the top ten games in the android phones. Enjoy playing them.

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