Microsoft Launcher acquires the new feature of ‘Digital Health’ to monitor the app usage

The addition of Digital heath feature by Microsoft with the support from the Cortana on the Android launcher beta version will assist the users to use the track apps. The Microsoft launcher holds the Google’s initiative of digital wellbeing that is at the moment only available for android pie devices select users.

Microsoft has introduced this new approach to checking the usage of the apps in the smartphone. This is to make the users aware of the usage of the apps on the phone. This feature will arrive in the Microsoft android launcher which is an intra-os navigation system that will effectively replace the inbuilt launcher in the smartphones. This feature of the Microsoft is available already; however, the method seems to be more innovative and compatible.

The introduction of digital health

The version of 5.1 betas of Microsoft launcher is initiated to provide the users more management on how they interact in the social media, told by report given by windows central.

The Microsoft has presently updated the Microsoft android launcher. It is considered as a free and useful update than the previous inbuilt launchers. With the feature of digital health, the novel update incorporates To-do-list and the sticky notes for making the users sync their works and notes.

The to-do list of the launcher now shows the tasks saved in the apps like the Outlook and Skype. It comes with the Notes card which displays the listings of the sticky notes present in the windows, one note mobile and outlook. The brand fresh beta version is now used by the samplers on Google play store. It will soon be released to all the users in upcoming days.

Many exciting features to offer

The other major tech giants other than Google like Apple, Instagram and Facebook have presently added the features like ‘your time on Facebook’, ‘screen time’ and ‘your activity’. These were added to alert the users about their usage of the respective apps.

The Google has bought the Digital wellbeing app for the select users of the Android pie devices. They are the ‘android one smartphones’ and ‘pixel phones’. This constant version of application which was released this week has enhanced wind-down feature which will now turn off at the time the users select or the time when the alarm is set.

This feature dims phone screen to grayscale and also enables the night light schedule. It puts the message of ‘do not disturb’ at bedtime.

In the month of October and on date 12, Microsoft reported that the Windows 10 will embrace the android to imitate mobile apps upon the PCs. It will also contain the activity report tool that will maintain the record of the apps which will be used on the device and the time period of the use.

The Microsoft launcher that was known as the arrow launcher many years before is a very capable and promising replacement for Android smartphones. It offers good controls over all the aspects in the smartphone.

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