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In the phone technology space, there are two kinds of people; iOS and android users. Each group
swears by their choice. Where do you lie? We put the Iphone XS Max against the Samsung S9 Plus head to head to help you decide which one to get. Comparison criteria is exclusively on the screen, camera and performance.

The Display

The Iphone XS Max comes in a 6.5″ amoled display with a resolution of 2688 x 1242 with 458 PPI
whereas the Samsung S9 Plus has a 6.2″ super amoled display with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 and 529 PPI. Both have the same water resistant rating of IP68. They’re HDR enabled meaning you’ll be able to capture great detail.
While the Iphone XS Max has a larger screen, it also has a notch which can bite into the video while you’re watching something. While both are stunning, it should also be noted that Apple contracted Samsung to make displays for them and judging by these specifications, it is clear who got the short end of the stick!


There is few and far between when it comes to their cameras. Both have a dual camera system on the rear of 12 MP for both the primary wide-angle and telephoto secondary cameras. The only
differential is that the S9 Plus has a dual aperture of f/1.5 and f/2.4 while the Iphone XS Max has a single aperture of f/1.7.
The images in the Samsung S9 Plus are sharper and more saturated but the Iphone XS Max counters this with better color accuracy. The secondary telephoto cameras support 2X optical zoom and are essential for portrait photos as they keep your face in sharp focus. Finally, they both can record 1080p and 4k video at 30/60 fps but the S9 Plus has a super slow motion feature where it can record at 960 fps as opposed to Iphone’s 240 fps.


The Iphone has a powerful A12 bionic processor with 4GB RAM and can be acquired with 64GB of storage for the base model. There are also 256 and 512GB model options. The S9 Plus sports a Snapdragon 845 CPU with 6GB RAM and has 64GB of internal storage for the base model as well.
Other model options come in 128 and 256GB. The differential is that the S9 Plus has a micro sd slot where you can expand your memory by 512GB. In the benchmarking department, the Iphone XS Max knocks it out of the park. Its A12 chip produces unrivaled power. It trounces the S9 Plus in the single core and multi core scores.
The Iphone XS Max would therefore be the preferred device for heavy-duty apps and highly graphic intensive games as they run with zero stutter.
While the Iphone XS Max has a 3174mAh as opposed to S9’s 3500mAh, the former can last 30-60 minutes in a controlled environment. The only setback is that you will have to fork out some additional cash for wired fast charging in contrast to the Samsung which comes out of the box.
Both offer wireless charging using the same standard. When it comes to choosing a phone, it really boils down to preferences. If you’re looking for a device that can handle graphic intensive games, you should opt for the Iphone XS Max. If on the other hand you want a customizable device that’s relatively cheaper you should go for the Samsung S9 Pl
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Microsoft Launcher acquires the new feature of ‘Digital Health’ to monitor the app usage Sun, 23 Dec 2018 09:22:53 +0000 The addition of Digital heath feature by Microsoft with the support from the Cortana on the Android launcher beta version will assist the users to use the track apps. The Microsoft launcher holds the Google’s initiative of digital wellbeing that is at the moment only available for android pie devices select users.

Microsoft has introduced this new approach to checking the usage of the apps in the smartphone. This is to make the users aware of the usage of the apps on the phone. This feature will arrive in the Microsoft android launcher which is an intra-os navigation system that will effectively replace the inbuilt launcher in the smartphones. This feature of the Microsoft is available already; however, the method seems to be more innovative and compatible.

The introduction of digital health

The version of 5.1 betas of Microsoft launcher is initiated to provide the users more management on how they interact in the social media, told by report given by windows central.

The Microsoft has presently updated the Microsoft android launcher. It is considered as a free and useful update than the previous inbuilt launchers. With the feature of digital health, the novel update incorporates To-do-list and the sticky notes for making the users sync their works and notes.

The to-do list of the launcher now shows the tasks saved in the apps like the Outlook and Skype. It comes with the Notes card which displays the listings of the sticky notes present in the windows, one note mobile and outlook. The brand fresh beta version is now used by the samplers on Google play store. It will soon be released to all the users in upcoming days.

Many exciting features to offer

The other major tech giants other than Google like Apple, Instagram and Facebook have presently added the features like ‘your time on Facebook’, ‘screen time’ and ‘your activity’. These were added to alert the users about their usage of the respective apps.

The Google has bought the Digital wellbeing app for the select users of the Android pie devices. They are the ‘android one smartphones’ and ‘pixel phones’. This constant version of application which was released this week has enhanced wind-down feature which will now turn off at the time the users select or the time when the alarm is set.

This feature dims phone screen to grayscale and also enables the night light schedule. It puts the message of ‘do not disturb’ at bedtime.

In the month of October and on date 12, Microsoft reported that the Windows 10 will embrace the android to imitate mobile apps upon the PCs. It will also contain the activity report tool that will maintain the record of the apps which will be used on the device and the time period of the use.

The Microsoft launcher that was known as the arrow launcher many years before is a very capable and promising replacement for Android smartphones. It offers good controls over all the aspects in the smartphone.

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The best games to play on android Tue, 18 Dec 2018 15:17:32 +0000 Playing games on the mobile is always fun. Without the games how could we get over the tedious hours of the journeys and waiting? Here are the best android games that come under the top ten lists.

1. Crash-lands

This game was released in the year 2016. The game is among the best in the android. The game is about an intergalactic trucker that crashes on the planet. The player’s job is to find out what actually is going on and at the same time they have to build a base and collect many items. They are the heroes who save the world from the evil doers. The RPG element contains a top character development and many items they could collect.

2. Evoland 1 and 2

It is two of the most famous games in the android. They contain many game mechanics like RPG, puzzle, top-down scooter, trading card etc. They are an ode to the old games. The game offers hardware controller support, no ads features and many stories to play.

3. Madfinder games

This game has a long history of gaming. They have successful FPS titles like the shadow Gun series, dead trigger and the unkilled series. They are the sci-fi shooters which has multiplayer modes. Modern combat is a great multiplayer game, however, the latest is the shadow gun: Legends.

4. Minecraft

It is a popular game and is suitable for all the ages. Minecraft is a game that puts you mine stuff and you can beat up the notorious guys in the game. The creative mode provided you with unlimited everything. You will also be able to play the multiplayer servers. There is a mode called the survival mode where you can get the food and the resources in the mines.

5. Monument Valley 1 and 2

These games are known for their greatness. They have identical play mechanics and graphics. The player can have the adventures journey through the puzzles. They can complete the level with many illusions.

6. Nintendo games

They contain a necessary number of android games. They have the best platforms on mobile games. The game contains the freemium options like fire emblem heroes and animal crossing.

7. Noodlecake studios

They are the most unique game developers. They have many different titles like frame 1 and 3 puzzle games, realMyst, Alto’s adventure etc. There is a game called wayward souls for the adventure lovers, Mikey shorts for platform fans, Island Delta etc.

8. Pokémon Go

This game exploded in the world of mobile gaming and got a popular spot. You can walk and feel the essence of the real world. The game gets many new updates to boot. The updates have added many new Pokémon and many features.

9. PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile life

The game has got over ten million downloads and many user reviews. It has simple but effective controls which everybody likes. The decent graphics add to its advantage. The island of the PUBG world is filled with weapons, gear and vehicles to use.

10. Riptide GP series

This game is possibly the best racer game in the android. The racers lose their credit when they get caught in illegal racing. The Asphalt series is new in the franchise of the game.
These are the top ten games in the android phones. Enjoy playing them.

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The new “close friends” feature has been launched by Instagram. Mon, 17 Dec 2018 11:11:45 +0000 In 2017, the Instagram developers announced a unique feature called the favourites list. This feature made the social platform private to an extent. This feature was an attempt by the developers to help users to share more posts with their selected followers and close friends.

This feature also leads to private account options where a user can choose the people they want to follow. It was a great tool for the users to share all that they want with a limited number of people. This privacy options opened more doors to enhance even more privacy features.

The Facebooks Instagram has launched a whole new feature. Many users of the Instagram app are very aware of the new features the app has been introducing. This feature is also claimed to be unique. The feature is known as dubbed “close friends”. This feature allows users to share their stories with only the special group of persons.

Even though Instagram is a social media app where users post stories for many followers but now you can select a group of persons and share stories exclusively with your close friends. This feature enables the user to share their stories with a smaller group of users.

If you want to try out this new feature you can find it on in the side menu of user’s profile. Instagram has millions of users all over the world. This feature can also be used by more than one billion people.

The methods to use the “close friends” feature.

If you have close friends who you follow on Instagram their group stories can be viewed by all the members of that particular group. The stories can be seen in the profile photo part of that person. A green colour ring near the profile photo signifies that a story has been posted.


This procedure for watching the exclusive stories of your close friends is similar to viewing normal stories posted. One of the most profitable social media platforms of Facebook is the Instagram app. The Facebook team is been focusing on this popular app to make it even more fun for its users.

To retain its huge popularity the regulators are improving this platform. Unlike, facebook the Instagram app provides more individual privacy for its users and many of the users like this element in this platform so the developers are pushing even greater security features into this app.

With greater security of Instagram app two main elements is implemented there is less speculation of fake news and combat addiction of social media. Some of the great features have been launched by the Instagram app because it has appointed Adam Mosseri as the photo-sharing apps head. Following this appointment of this were the co-founders Kevin system and Mike Krieger.

Due to the incredible new features of the Instagram app other social media applications have been facing severe competition. The rival snap inc the owner of snap chat faces fierce competition from the Instagram app.

Due to this stiff competition, the snapchat developers are finding ways to lure more users to their app. There is also a huge two fifty dollar investment which has been bagged by snapchat with the prince of Saudi Arabia. The app has now been shifted towards the self-serve model for promotions.

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The apple music on the Amazon echo speakers starting from December 17 Mon, 17 Dec 2018 11:01:20 +0000 In a bewildering partnership, Apple and Amazon have proclaimed that the Apple music will be made available on the speakers of amazon echo from the week of December 17. This is an interesting development for the users of Apple music as well as the smart echo speakers.

The apple is very specific on using the services of the other products which are quite similar to the company’s products. In this case, the Apple has already got the home pod which can be used to play music. It is a good competition for the echo speakers.

However, the company has still made a decision for the apple music to be released on the Amazon echo speakers through Alexa. It is a smart assistant which is used to power the echo devices. Therefore Apple music on the Amazon echo speaker is a great thing indeed.
The apple music on the Amazon speaker will be available as the Alexa skill. To be clearer, the apple music will be on the echo speakers.

It will not be like the Airplay which is actually the Apple’s protocol for streaming and using the devices by Wi-Fi. The people can use Bluetooth for Android and iPhone with which they can play music on the speaker with the assistance of Apple music.

The most important aspect of the Alexa is music which is its major feature. With the launch of Alexa four years ago, the users are listening to more music in the comfort of their homes with its help. The listening of music has increased.

These thoughts were shared by Dave Limp the senior vice president of Amazon. The company is committed to providing great music to the customers and after its launch the music skill API to the creators in the previous month they have broadened the selection of music on Alexa to add a few great services.

The company is happy to bring the Apple music which is considered one of the popular music services in the United States. It is going to be opened this holiday.

The apple music and amazon echo speaker in India- A future prospect

At the moment the combination of Apple music with the Amazon echo speakers will be only made available in the US but it is anticipated that it will be rolled out in the other places. In India, both the apple music and the echo speakers are already available however this venture is not yet made available.

In the future, if this arrives in India it will be of benefit to many users of apple music and amazon echo speakers because of the fact that home pod is unavailable here.

In India, there are many other music apps on the echo speakers. For instance, Saavn is a very famous music app that mostly consists of Bollywood songs. These songs are also available on Apple music and echo speakers. The Apple music is also present in the Google home speakers which can be used in the android phones paired with Bluetooth.

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The kingdom hearts 3 dates of release and trailers Mon, 17 Dec 2018 10:52:40 +0000 Almost twelve years before the kingdom of hearts was released but the craze for the game among the players is not diminished. Through these years the new console generations have come and many spinoffs too but nobody can forget the original storyline of the kingdom of hearts. The highly expected kingdom of hearts 3 is not said to be released and this official information has come from Enix.

After that, however, the Enix had been silent, not revealing any details about it. Then at the E3 2014, there was a teaser and in it, some fabulous details were there along with more news and a trailer of the gameplay E3 2015.

In the E3 2018, many interesting details were made open that displayed the Disney character sora, goofy and Donald. Here are some of the details about this remarkable game.

The kingdom hearts 3 appealing details

The up- to- the- minute details of the kingdom of hearts shows the character Sora and her companions coming back to the hundred acre wood to support Winnie the Pooh. This trailer came in xo2018.

Many of the characters in Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, and Wreck-It Ralph are said to come in the game. The second trailer of the game came in JumpFesta 2016. The trailer showed the important details about the functioning of the game’s combat. There was a small foretaste of the superb abilities and the impression of the environment in the game.

There was the other trailer which came in E3 2015. This was to give the fans a glimpse at the location which seems like the exterior of princess Rapunzel’s fortification from the ‘Tangled’ fame. The Enix settled that the king of hearts lll will be launched on January 29 2019.

The amazing features of the kingdom of hearts 3

The Twitter YonkouProductions revealed the screenshot of the coming V-jump that displayed the characters in the Hercules. The players will be able to see Hercules and the mount Olympus. This is available in the new version of the kingdom of hearts. The released screenshot presented the characters Hades, Pegasus, Meg on an adventurous journey.

The game will also have a fascinating feature where the gamers can take the character of sora and will be able to travel with his friends Goofy and Donald through various mesmerising themes and intriguing people.

They can meet famous Disney characters and other fantastical characters. The game will start after the end of the previous version kingdom of hearts 3D which was called dream drop distance. The dream will go along with the trio in their quest for the seven guardians of the light. The king Mickey and Riku will be on their journey to find the keyblade wielders.

There are still many things to tell about the game however you can find about it in the trailers released. The kingdom of hearts 3 has attractive visuals and style quite different from the previous game. On the whole, it will be a great treat to the fans.

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Apple to tutor women in tech for the aim of industry diversification Mon, 17 Dec 2018 10:29:47 +0000 In order to solve the issue of less number of women executives in the tech industries, Apple is going to launch a new program. The women entrepreneurs and programmers are going to attend a two-week training program at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.


These lessons will be conducted once every three months starting in January. For each session, Apple has planned to accept twenty app makers developed by women. The app creator is expected to be one female programmer in the categories to get selected.



Apple itself will take care of all the expenses incurred during the travel for the three persons belonging to each of the companies. In doing this Apple like the other tech companies are reducing its number of men workers in programming jobs with the high payment. Previously, in apple, only 3 per cent of the women were doing the technology jobs. That was only a little development from 20 per cent in the year 2014.

Therefore the aim behind this new idea is to help the interested women keep themselves immersed in the field they are working. This was shared by Esther Hare the senior director of world marketing developer.

According to Lorrain Hariton CEO of the catalyst this camp for tutoring women is a ‘Great step forward’. She belongs to the group who struggle for the equal rights for women. She says that there are a lot of talented women who can do well in the field of technology. She is hopeful that this will ‘change the tone for the entire industry’.

The new idea to increase women workforce

It is unclear how effective this new idea will be. Google has also provided the needed coaching for the girls aiming for the jobs in technology, however, that program has not improved the diversification of the workforce. Women were offered 25 per cent of Google’s technology works in the year 2017.

Apple and other tech giants say that one of the reasons for not having many women in their companies is because women are traditionally not trained in the areas of mathematics and science which are important for the programs.


To handle the jobs in these tech giants one needs to be proficient in all the areas then only they will be able to benefit the company they are working for. But the critics of the industries have questioned the company’s motives of being partial to men and discriminating against the women.

The industries are mostly dominated by men and this has been the case for many decades, therefore, this initiative of Apple is expected to increase the women employees in the same payroll jobs as men.

This will result to diversify the industry. This initiative of Apple is going to be started next year and the training sessions will begin immediately.

Apple has not revealed about the expenses it is going to spend on this project. Though including the travel expenses the company is said to get the help of its employees to manage the sessions.

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The unveil of the new icons by Microsoft Mon, 17 Dec 2018 04:44:32 +0000 Microsoft has refreshed its office icons on all its areas. The latest design was made some weeks before with the release of fresh icons. The company Microsoft is getting the new icons for the modern generation users that contain the design which is going to focus on real-time and collaboration.


The icons are expected to be perfect, seamless, and fluid and above par in the way which can only be created by expert designers. It collaborates into an AI-powered suite with a very simple and also a modern design.

The Microsoft team has revealed some details about the new icons. These icons are the best example of evolving through time. These new icons are going to enter the web in the coming year. This is not a change in the function of any icons but rather a modification in the look of the icons.

To be more specific the icons of the Microsoft office are Meh which means that though it is latest it is indifferent. Microsoft had done a lot of effort to make these icons. Many consultants, armchair designers, brand managers and real designers worked together to make this work. The Microsoft was updated lastly at 2013.


The Microsoft’s history that is rich is embraced and used to reveal design decisions. The vibrant colours have been the core and the statement of the official brand. The brand new and fresh icons of the palette are evolving.

The colour is distinguished and makes an impression. For some of the icons, the shades are stronger, darker and brighter. This is a nod to the change in the office as reported by Microsoft.
In a clip released by Microsoft, it is noticeable that Windows 10 apps like the photos and file explorer have known to contain new icons.


The official announcement of this news by Microsoft for the Windows 10 has not yet come. From the mock app photos, it is seen that the giant of software is going to consider the new icons for most of its first-party apps that includes the calculator and photo.

The design of the icons

There are screenshots of the Microsoft office in which we can see new apps expected in the mock-up is absolutely a good change however it is not explained if the icons will be combined with spring 2019 update or not.

To give a description of icons, they are anticipated to have been redesigned in a rectangle shape to reflect the spreadsheets. The PowerPoint is going to get a circular shape of the pie chart. The outlook will look like a mail envelope as the icon as reported by the Engadget.

The icons are available in fabulous shades and they are more enhanced than the current icons that are simple which we can see in the windows 10. The users will get to know about this development as soon as it is put in use. It is considered a great addition by the Microsoft office.

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Nokia 7 plus update android security patch and the new camera app with integrated Google lens Sat, 15 Dec 2018 11:49:22 +0000 The Nokia 7 plus has got an updated Android pie enhancement that is going to give the new November android security patch. This development is also going to bring the version of camera app 9.0 which will include the new interface, Google lens including the integration of motion.

The HMD Global will use the new update to every Nokia 7 plus models around the world. It is now only being shared by some users. The Nokia 7 plus reportedly got the update for the android 9.0 pie in September.

This update in the Android has the features like modifiable battery function, navigation that is gesture-based, and a mode which you can use when you are busy ‘do not disturb’. This update is going to be rolled out to the handful of users. They can get it from the phone’s updates for the software.

The features of the new update

The newest software updates of Nokia 7 plus will bring the software version of the size 3.39B to 462.8MB, NokiaPowerUser reported this news. The update is only bringing November android security patch. The patch is given for the Nexus and Google pixel at the start of the month which had various matters fixed related to security.

The HMD global has acquired the application of camera version 9.0 which is actually an updated version of the Nokia 7 plus. This recent app was released in the month of August with an interface which is developed and the carousel design of the interface gives it the feature of switching between dual modes while you are observing.

The Google lens integration will let you benefit from Google’s algorithms in machine learning to see the interesting views in your environment. The fresh camera app contains the motion powered by Google that will assist you in making small videos and you can send it to your friends through the GIFs and clips.

The short videos can also be exported for the purpose of using and sharing in the time to come. The camera app is available as a pre-installed app on Nokia 6.1 plus which is great news.
Moreover, the brand new Android security patch and the updated camera app including the changelog shared by the users of Twitter shows that the novel software update contains a long list of the Android pie features.

There is also enhanced system navigation with the settings menu and excellent experience of notifications. This update also is offering the adaptive battery that prioritises the power of the battery in the mobile for the apps and functions that are used frequently. There is also a feature of adaptive and the optimised levels of the brightness and applications that can be predicted easily. This will benefit the users of the Nokia. To check the updates in the Nokia phone go and see for the settings and then the software update option. Here you will be able to see if you have received any updates or not.

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Google’s Call Screen Feature to be seen in the pixel smartphones Sat, 15 Dec 2018 11:16:34 +0000 The Google call screen is the most impressive extra feature added to the version of pixel 3 and it is going to become the best release this year with the new rollout feature. The call screen that is built in the app of the pixel 3 utilises the Google assistant to take the calls.

It can be triggered by just a tap on the option ‘screen call’ which will be visible whenever a person is calling. The call screen is made active and the Google assistant reports to the caller the purpose of the call.

The users can see the live transcription of what the caller says during the phone call. The quality of the transcription may change from call to call and will depend on it. This will give the users a clear idea about the nature of the call whether it can be answered or not. If it is an important call they will take and if it is a fake call they will know it beforehand. They will be able to block the calls that are spam through this feature.

Another better aspect of this feature is that Google has decided to roll out a brand new option for the call screen for transcription. The transcripts will vanish from the screen once the call is over but with the help of this new feature the call receivers can save and store it and use them in the future for references.

To get hold of these saved transcripts in the phone the users must go to the file called as the ‘Recent’. The call details will be listed there and they can choose the one they want to see. It will be present in the option the ‘call details’. In this location, the users will be able to see the option called as the transcripts.

We saw that that the feature will show the conversation of the Google assistant and the caller but besides these the new feature also contains an option for the users to give a quick feedback about the transcripts. They can choose the thumbs up or down.

The rollout of the feature

The call transcripts are not an unexpected addition as the document that supports it has some details about it. The company Google has already mentioned that the transcripts of call screen will be made known before the ending of the year and it is known that the owners of the pixel are getting the needed access to release this on time.

It is not very clear how the pixel call screen transcripts will be realised widely, however, the owners of the pixel will surely check for the feature. They will check through the ‘screen call options’ where the transcripts can be retrieved.

The major purpose behind the call screen transcripts is to put an end to the users from the calls that waste time. The storing of the transcripts will prove beneficial and will make it simple for the users to refer and be aware in the future for such calls.

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